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There's a reason I'm passionate about helping career professionals to turn their expertise into an online coaching business that replaces their 9-to-5 income. 

I want more people over 40 to experience the fulfillment of creating and implementing a business that aligns with their purpose and expertise.

I started my online business out of desperation to escape a toxic, soul draining, 50+ hour a week 9-to-5.

When it came to simply finding another job, I found doors closing in my face. After sending out what felt like hundreds of resumes and going on dozens of job interviews, I would break down into tears.

That's because I was confused how I could have all the credentials (Master's Degree) and 20+ years of experience and still not be able to find a job in my industry that matched my qualifications.

Considering I was coming from a work environment where my ideas were ignored and my contribution devalued, I was seeking a place where my views and thoughts and vision for my work would be welcomed. 

I quickly realized that experience wasn't valued anymore in the workplace as much as compliance was.

The reality is, once you get to a certain age (I was over 40 at the time) with the track record and experience that backs up your resume, the "shut up and do what I say" isn't going to go over well anymore in your mind and spirit.

So when the traditional job search no longer worked for me, I had to do everything I could to find a way to support me and my daughter. This meant creating my own income.

Little did I know back then, starting a business was easy. Growing and profiting from what you start was the hard part.
So needless to say, my entrepreneurial journey was not a smooth one.

For years I struggled to earn money when I first started my online business. I wasted a lot of time and money watching, reading, listening, and downloading everything I saw online. 

So much so, I was paralyzed when it came time to implement all of the information I consumed.

Then I realized the problem was I was looking externally on social media and YouTube for someone to tell me and teach me a skill that would allow me to be successful in business. 

This means, I was waiting for someone else to validate me as knowing "Enough" to be an entrepreneur.

This way of thinking made me feel like I knew nothing at all. When in fact, I already had skills and expertise that I could monetize. 

It wasn't until I started believing in myself, trusting my expertise, and investing in the right coach that I grew into the entrepreneur and coach that I am today.

By hopping around and looking for a "Magical Online Business Idea" that was going to rescue me from never stepping foot in a 9-to-5 again, I was actually diminishing my value and potential worth in the marketplace.

Not to mention most of the random online business ideas I was pursuing were never going to generate enough revenue for me to see a difference in my bank account.

In fact, I spent my entire 9-to-5 career coaching and developing programs to help others develop skills or achieve some sort of transformation. 

So I didn't need someone to teach me something new. I just needed a coach to believe in my expertise and interests enough to help me package, price, and market what I already knew.

I am on a mission to coach and educate professional women to do exactly what I did without all of the complexity and overwhelm typically found in the online business world.

So if you are ready to ditch information overload, relying on one income to support your family, never having enough money to pay your bills despite working a 40+hour a week, and everything else that goes along with working a 9-to-5, I created a FREE Video to help you get started.  

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