Launch Your Online Coaching Business 
Without Stress and Overwhelm
Stop Struggling With Where To Start...

You want to get your online coaching business launched and start generating income IMMEDIATELY, but you're confused about where to even begin.

I created "The Expert Business Launch Planner" to help professionals just like you map out the launch of their coaching business step-by-step...even if you're starting from scratch. 

You can snag this planner at the introductory price of $9.95. 

Using the strategically designed prompts within this planner, you’ll gain insight into how to identify your niche, map out the framework for your coaching offer, and create an online marketing plan to launch your online coaching business. 

So no more aimless searching on the internet and social media trying to figure out where to start when it comes to getting your online coaching business launched.

You have everything you need with this planner!
Establish A Foundation To 
Package Your Expertise...
If you're a career changer like me, you have an abundance of life and professional experience that can be monetized as a profitable service oriented business. You just need a resource to help you package up what you already know into a coaching program, product, or service.

And finding a resource that's going to help you figure out where to start is hard to find. 

If you've spent any amount on time navigating all of the eBooks, Masterclasses, and courses popping up on social media, you know exactly what I mean. 

The reality is, sifting through a bunch of generic business advice is never a recipe to start any business successfully. 

You need to know what to do and where to start as it relates to the type of business you're starting. 

The Expert Business Launch Planner will help you get the clarity you need to get your online business started. 
Here's What People Say About Me...

Coach Toni K., Texas

I'm so thankful for Michele and her guidance. She helped me put the pieces together. She was so patient with me considering I didn't have a clue about the tech or where to even start. Now I'm already enrolling clients.

Tessa E., South Carolina

Michele is really intuitive and knows how to translate my thoughts and direction into a polished and professional product. I’m happy I found her to walk me through creating my product from A to Z. 

Kevin S., New York

Michele is a Business Coach and Consultant extraordinaire! I've worked with her on a project from concept to completion and I'm blown away about how she has brought my vision to reality. 
The Expert Business Launch Planner Includes...
  • Your Blueprint To Get Started - 120+ pages to Map Out your online coaching business from scratch with no guesswork.
  • Easy Navigation - Fully hyperlinked pages for easy navigation between sections.
  • Flexible Use - PDF fillable pages so you can use your planner as a standalone document on your computer desktop or with any journal app like Goodnotes or Notability.
  • Business Resource List - Business resource list containing free and paid options to launch your coaching business. 
  • Stay Motivated - Guidance creating a plan to stay motivated so you can take action on everything you mapped out.
  • Discover Your Niche - Prompts to help you determine the Niche that matches your expertise.  
  • Signature Coaching Program - Step-by-step framework for creating your signature coaching offer.
  • 60-Day Content Creation Plan - Strategy to create the content needed to establish an online presence on social media.
  • Marketing Plan To Launch - A clear plan to create a pre and post business launch marketing plan.
  • Tech and Systems - Necessary systems and tools needed to get your business launched. 
  • And So Much More...
Frequently Asked Questions...
Who is this planner for?
This planner is for professionals that want to turn their expertise into an online coaching business. 

Is this planner for people that want to start a consulting business as well?
The answer to this question depends on the type of consulting business you want to develop. 

For example, there's some people that want to develop a training program specifically geared toward helping companies and/or organizations address a specific problem. While other people want to develop a consulting business that requires them to embed themselves within a company or organization to solve a specific industry related problem. 

The Expert Business Launch Planner can help someone think about what problem they're qualified to solve in a particular industry. However, when it comes to consulting, this planner works best for professionals that want to develop a structured program for companies and organizations. 

So if you're planning to work with companies and organizations by embedding yourself within the company to make recommendations, this planner will not help you develop that type of business model. 

Can this planner help me start a coaching business or is it a generic planner to start an online business?
Starting a coaching business is quite different from any other online business model. That's because coaching is an expert based business. Every prompt and all of the information contained within The Expert Business Launch Planner is focused on helping you start a coaching business. 

Will this planner help me define my niche?
New coaches usually struggle because they don't know who they're going to help in their business. So they end up not being able to pull together all of the essential pieces to help them establish a profitable coaching business. "The Expert Business Launch Planner" walks you through how to zoom in on your expertise, develop a structure for your coaching program, and identify who best benefits from what you have to offer as a coach.

Will I have enough information and direction to launch my coaching business after completing this planner?
"The Expert Business Launch Planner" is a tool to help you establish a foundation to start an online coaching business. You'll gain clarity on your niche, expertise, coaching program structure, and guidance on developing a marketing plan to launch your coaching business. 

So this planner gives you a starting point for getting your coaching business launched. However, it's not a replacement for getting the coaching and mentorship you need to fine tune what you've developed and to set your coaching business up for long-term growth.

Meet Michele...
Michele Davis is a Business Coach and host of Da Boss Experience Podcast. She utilizes her coaching services, podcast, and digital products to help professionals turn their expertise into an online coaching business that can replace their 9-to-5 income. 

Her mission is to help more people (particularly women) experience implementing an online coaching business that aligns with their purpose and expertise.

Prior to starting an online business, Michele was a nonprofit manager. 

In 2016, she found herself desperate to escape a toxic, soul draining, 50+ hour a week job. She sent what felt like hundreds of resumes to potential employers. Despite her decades of experience in the nonprofit industry and Masters Degree, Michele barely got interviews and received no job offers. 

So when the traditional job search no longer worked for her, she had to figure out a way to support her daughter. This meant creating her own income stream.

That's when Michele found herself thrown into entrepreneurship at the age of 45. 

Michele initially wasted a lot of time watching, reading, listening, and downloading everything she saw online to the point where she was paralyzed when it came time to implementing all of the information she consumed.

It wasn't until Michele met the right business mentor to help her put the pieces together that she found success as an online entrepreneur.

Once she successfully launched her business and replaced her 9-to-5 income, she was able to create a blueprint to help other professionals do the same. 

You have the unique opportunity to experience a glimpse of what it's like to work with Michele when you purchase your The Expert Business Launch Planner.

So if you're tired of all the information overload, relying on one income to support your family, never having enough money to pay your bills despite working a 40+hour a week, and everything else that goes along with working a 9-to-5, click the button below to get your planner NOW.
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